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But Weights Will Make Me Bulky!!!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Does weight training make you bulky

When you start your fat loss journey, you’ve gotta ask yourself, what kind of physique do you want to reveal once that fat has melted away?

If you want to reveal a toned, athletic physique, then you’ve really got to start some kind of resistance (weight) training regime at some point!

If you don’t care, then by all means, crash diet and do all the cardio you can! You’ll probably lose as much muscle as you do fat and end up being a lighter but still soft and flabby version of yourself, what we lovingly call being skinny fat!

Now I can already hear some of the ladies out there getting nervous, won’t lifting weights make me bulky and big??

The answer is nope!

When you see huge, Hulk-like men and women, there’s almost 100% chance that they are not natural and on some kind of performance enhancing drugs!

With 10-15 times less testosterone hormone than men, it is extremely, extremely difficult for women to put on significant muscle. Heck, even with the testosterone, most guys struggle to put on muscle!

Still worried you’ll get bulky? Well, they say a picture says a thousand words, so here are examples of some ladies who love to lift and the results speak for themselves:

Meet Euddeum shim, a youtube content creator and fitness instagrammer.

And she’s clearly not afraid to lift heavy.

How about Lee seo in, a bikini model who clearly loves to lift and could probably lift heavier than most of us!

Kelsey Wells, mother and fitspo extraordinaire is definitely no stranger to heavy weights: