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Evidence based weight loss methods


Dr Stryker Before and After Weight Loss

Having practiced medicine for almost two decades, I’ve literally seen patients from all walks of life and from all over the world!


After I created, one of Singapore’s leading house call services, I was frequently surprised by the stark contrast of treating cash-strapped families and millionaires living just minutes away from one another!


The flip side is that when sickness and poor health strikes, it all goes out of the window! The same doctor was treating these families, using the same medicines for the same conditions! A potent reminder that at the end of the day, we are all still the same!


People sacrifice their health to make money and then end up spending it all to try and get their health back! Heck, I learned this the hard way myself!


For years I procrastinated, thinking I could get into shape anytime! Long hours at the clinic would leave me exhausted, I was eating fast foods almost daily and my weight topped out at 86kg when I was hit by a blood clot in my eye, the incidental discovery of a lump in my thyroid gland and even an episode of small bowel obstruction all within months of one another!


The stark reality dawned upon me, I realized I didn’t have all the time in the world and unless I changed something, things would only get worse! It scared me and that’s when I finally decided to take my own advice, the advice I’d been giving to patients for years, this time to treat the most stubborn patient of all, myself!


I took action and now sit comfortably at around 66kg, probably in the best shape of my life while in my 40s! With a plan full of foods and training methods I enjoy, I know I can keep this body for life!


“Sickness is a powerful motivator, it kicks you up the backside to shift gears and get your life and health back on track! The trick is to do this before you fall sick!” 

– Dr. Bobby Stryker


I was lucky in the sense that my conditions didn’t leave me with a permanent disability so I could exercise and get into shape. If that blood clot had been in my brain, I could have been paralyzed or worse!


I hope it doesn’t require a near miss with your own health to motivate you to pick up a dumbbell and get your fitness back on track and the fact that you’re reading this tells me it won’t!


Here’s to your newfound health and the body you’ve always desired, courtesy of our science-based weight loss methods. Just don’t come after us when you have to buy an entirely new wardrobe to fit your new physique!


Well done!


Dr. Bobby Stryker


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