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Be your own celebrity coach, personal trainer, nutritionist and motivational speaker with our carefully curated, scientific evidence-based plans to help you customise your very own superhero body transformation, burn fat and keep it off for life!


Your dream physique awaits you!

​$100 USD (U.P. $135)

The Flow Killer Combo Deal

For the price of one personal training session, you can obtain all 3 eBooks and unlock a lifetime of knowledge and skill to finally sculpt and achieve the body you’ve always wanted!

Weight Loss Programme Best Seller
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$50 USD


The Flow Method is your definitive resource to understanding and achieving your dream physique, losing fat, sculpting your body and then keeping it for life! We break down the science to give you the evidence-based nutrition and training formula for success!

$35 USD

The Flow Exercise Manual

The Flow Exercise Manual is more than just a training manual, this is the catalyst that is going to deliver the physique results you crave and keep them!

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$50 USD

The Flow Hyperthermic Cookbook

The Flow Hyperthermic Cookbook exploits a metabolic loophole known as the thermic effect of food to show you how you can enjoy delicious foods, burn fat and cheat your way to your new body!


The Flow Exordium

The Flow Exordium is your welcome package to the Flow Fysique Factory! Featuring exclusive content, recipes and SWAT (Special Workouts And Tactics), you can start your journey to Boss Level fitness even before you snap up our Power Plans! 


“I’ve been helping my patients get their fitness and health back on track for years and now with Flow, everyone can enjoy the benefits of our methods.”

– Dr. Bobby Stryker MBBS MRCGP (UK),

Founder of Flow and Clinical Director at RESCU.sg