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A welcome pack like no other, it’s time to level-up your life!


You ask anyone what weight loss means to them and they’ll likely reply long runs on the treadmill, HIIT workouts, endless cardio or horrible tasting foods, tiny portions, cutting out entire food groups and starving yourself!


The Flow Exordium is going to prove you wrong on all counts!


In this eBook, you’re going to find recipes for our Full Throttle Waffle, Coco-Nutty Professor Milkshake & Hulk Shake, actual proof that diet foods when done right, don’t taste anything like diet foods! 


This is nothing like the diet foods you’ll find in your supermarket!


Giant, delicious and packed full of protein, super easy and fast to prepare, try them for yourselves and once you see how insanely delicious and stomach filling these recipes are, you’re going to want to try all our other recipes! You’ll be enlightened that this is the way!


Not enough for you?


This manual also features instructions on how to perform a technique known as a stomach vacuum to strengthen your core, give you mastery over your belly, to immediately deliver a visibly slimmer and tighter waist without losing any weight and best of all, you can throw those ‘planks’ out of the window!


Still not enough??


For anyone looking to get ‘armed and dangerous’, you’re going to love our Killer Elite workout, a 4-day advanced training routine strategically designed to deliver maximum results with enjoyable yet explosive short workouts!


You also get our workout journal to track your progress on the road to success!


We’ve done a lot of hard work to compile the best plans possible and with The Flow Exordium Manual you get a delicious taster of what lies ahead in our Power Plans!


Once you’ve downloaded this awesome welcome package, you’ll be signed up to our newsletter so you don’t have to worry about missing out on the latest fitness developments, tips and mouthwatering recipes! *


We’re confident that once you’ve tried out some of our recipes and experienced our methodology, you’ll have just as much confidence to dive into our Power Plans as we do!


Take care & enjoy folks!


Dr. Bobby Stryker & Juliana Stryker

Team Flow


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