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The Flow Hyperthermic Cookbook

$50 (USD)

This is not a diet! This is a way of life!


How many times have you heard someone say they’re on a diet and then the next thing you know they’re off their diet! Diets are hard and never sustainable, just like the results they deliver!


The solution is our Hyperthermic Cookbook!


The thermic effect of food is the increase in your metabolic rate after eating and is the highest when consuming protein!


By keeping your protein intake high, you maximize the thermic effect of food, minimize muscle loss and protect your metabolism, making it easier than ever to stay in a calorie deficit and BURN fat!


The Flow Hyperthermic Cookbook is a 94-page eBook outlining how to structure your nutrition and featuring over 40 delicious, high protein recipes that you don’t need to be a MasterChef to follow!


By tweaking the recipes for meals you already know and love, we capitalize on the thermic effect of food to yield undeniable and sustainable results.


Giant portions, delicious foods, ice creams, desserts, these are all things you can continue to enjoy while you get into the best shape of your life!


You don’t need to exclude food groups, starve yourself, cut out all your carbs while flexible eating means you can continue to enjoy eating out with friends and family.


The only problem is that our recipes are so good, you might not want to!

    Once you’ve purchased one of our life (and body) changing eBooks, you will receive a confirmation email with a digital download link (check your spam / junk mail folder if you don’t). Simply click on the link to be taken to our digital download page, then click on the download button to save the book to your device. Each book can be downloaded a total of 5 times.
    Each eBook purchase is subject to ONE user and subject to copyright protection 2021©. Your book will be uniquely prepared for you with your name and details hardcoded onto every page. Sharing, copying or reproduction of your unique download link and eBooks are prohibited and may result in immediate deactivation of your digital download as well as legal action. Thank you for your honesty and for supporting this project we have worked so hard on!
    Although the author of this book, Dr. Bobby Stryker, is a registered medical doctor, the information provided in this book is not intended as medical advice and is strictly for information relating to fitness, training, diet and nutrition. The contents are intended for your personal use for informational purposes only and are no substitute for a medical consultation with your own doctor.
    Flow Fysique Factory is not responsible for any injuries or adverse physical and mental health effects caused by your training or fitness programme, or your diet or nutrition regime.
    All purchases are strictly non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
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