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$35 (USD)

No gym, no equipment, no problem! Get into shape from the comfort of your home – no excuses!


If your aim is to lose fat and get into the best shape of your life, then you know by now that you’ll need to have both your diet and exercise regime on point!


Crash diets and crash cardio sessions are the reason so many end up ‘skinny fat’, losing precious muscle, crippling their metabolism and then suffering tremendous rebound weight gain!


If you want to melt away the layers of fat to reveal a lean, sculpted and athletic physique, you’re going to have to flip things upside down, get off the cardio equipment and add resistance training to the mix!

Flow Unplugged is a 100-page eBook that will show you how you can use household items, bottles of detergents, backpacks and trusty resistance bands to train wherever you are, whether you’re at home, on a future holiday, business trip, whatever your location, your location becomes the gym!


Featuring a comprehensive exercise library suitable for guys and gals alike, we teach you how to perform each move with correct form and include plans suitable for everyone, whether you want to train twice per week all the way up to six times per week, this manual will transform your physique AND transform you into your own celebrity coach!


Your blueprint to a better body by science is just a few clicks away!

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