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Why Just Following YouTube Won’t Work!!!

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

So, a question we get asked a lot is why do we need your plans if we can just follow any random workout routine on YouTube for free?

Well, it depends on whether you want guaranteed results or not!

If you want results, what you can’t do, is choose a random workout every time you go to the gym and this is why so many fail to see meaningful results, even after years of training!

Think of the body like a piece of rock and your workouts are like the Flow of the ocean.

The waves of the ocean can cut through rock and shape mountains but to do so those waves have to crash on those rocks again and again, without fail, over decades, before, slowly the rock is worn away and shaped a certain way.

Our bodies are similar, if you just do one single arm workout, you can’t expect to have toned biceps the next day! Blood and flesh take time to respond to workouts, much in the same way that mountain takes time to respond to the crashing waves of the ocean.

Thankfully science is here to guide us!

There are more scientists fascinated by bodybuilding than ever before and these experts have performed clinical trials to determine exactly how much exercise is needed and how often, to shape and change our bodies!

What’s been shown is that we should be training body parts twice per week, aiming for 10-20 sets per body part per week.

You can apply this principle to any body part but for our example, let’s stick with the biceps!

If you want to tone or grow your biceps, if you’re only training them once per week, it’s not enough of a stimulus for them to develop!

You should aim to train those biceps twice per week, 10 sets of biceps exercises per session.

Training for more sets does not guarantee more results and may result in overtraining which could actually diminish your results!

The next factor is that the same body part should not be trained on consecutive days!

This means you should not train biceps on one day and then do the same the next day because the research shows this impairs recovery and in turn, results!

The problem is that if you train chest and shoulders one day and decide to train your arms the next day, unknowingly you are training your triceps on both days.

Triceps, the back of your arms, will always be used when training chest and shoulders but if you didn’t know that and just casually followed a random YouTube routine every day, you would be overtraining your arms and robbing yourself of results!

Or say you do HIIT or F45 one day and want to train your chest or legs the next day, without proper training programming, you won’t be providing your body with adequate recovery time, possibly paving the way towards injury and of course, setting you back even further from your goals!

A good personal trainer will take all this into account when writing up a plan for you, making sure there is no clash of body parts from day to day, so each body part has adequate recovery time, while following the principles proven by science to ensure adequate stimulus for growth and development!

It might be exciting to do something different every day but that’s not going to deliver you the results you want to see!

Sure, you could follow the random routine from the gal who has had a six pack since she was six years old due to good genetics, or listen to the dude who has never struggled to lose weight, or you could listen to people like us who have the credentials and experience to help you achieve the results that have been eluding you for so long!

Results require consistency and smart planning of your training sessions!

Fail to plan your workouts, then as with anything in life, you’re planning to fail!

Thankfully, we’ve crunched all the data, read all the reports, factored in all the principles and protocols to deliver you efficient training plans that are going to yield genuine results!

If you really want to follow someone on YouTube, clinic is always in session on our YouTube channel where we give you everything you need to see results!

Excited? You should be!

Laters folks,

Dr. Bobby Stryker


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