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What I Eat In A Day & Why I Decided To Make The Change!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

What I Eat In A Day - Doctor Edition

While I’ve helped a lot of my patients lose fat and get into shape, for years I neglected my own health and my weight eventually ballooned and topped out at around 86kg a few years back.

Weight Loss before and after

While I can attribute this to many reasons like work, stress, laziness, poor diet and lack of exercise, the easiest way to sum it up is that life was happening!

It’s likely the same for all of you, life was happening and I simply had not made it my priority to get into shape and comfort eating was giving me some instant gratification but likely paving the way for disaster.

For some reason I always thought that I could do it ‘next time’, I could get into shape once my career was more stable, once things were better.

Little did I know, things were going to get much worse!

I started to get daily headaches, had to go for surgery to have a possibly cancerous lesion removed from my mouth and then things went from bad to worse when I developed a blood clot in my right eye (central retinal vein occlusion). It was as terrifying as it sounds and I basically went blind in one eye!

A disease that normally affects much older folks, the specialists were at a loss to find the cause and had to inject a drug into my eyeball to get the swelling to stop and get my vision back. It was scary as hell!

Then when it looked like things could not get any worse, while trying to find out why I developed a blood clot in my eye, a lump was discovered in my thyroid gland!

I know right, it seemed never ending!

After biopsies to make sure I didn’t have cancer were inconclusive, I had to go for major surgery to have one half of my thyroid removed. It was done via an endoscopic robotic procedure originally pioneered in Korea, going through my armpit and nipple (yes ouch) but meant I was able to avoid the traditional neck scar.

What else could go wrong I wondered? Well, I developed a small intestine obstruction, which could have burst and killed me but thankfully this time, as fate would have it, I was able to avoid the knife and the condition settled down with conservative treatments!