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The Ultimate Lockdown Game Plan

home workout gym detergent

We’ve done it, we’ve heard you and we’ve obliged!

The single most frequent request we’ve received over the last six months is to come out with a home workout plan and voila! It’s here!

home workout gym plan

We get it, gyms might be closed where you are, you never know when the next lockdown beast is going to rear its head and even in the normal world, perhaps you’re always travelling or maybe you simply prefer to stay at home!

Whatever your reason, they’re all valid!

What isn’t valid is the idea that you can’t get into great shape without a gym!

With a little creativity and stuff that most of us have lying around at home like a trusty old backpack, bottles of detergent or maybe a resistance band that’s been collecting dust for decades, you can effectively train and sculpt your physique sans gym!

home workout gym

The Flow Unplugged Home & Away Training Manual is here with an entire library of home-based exercises to target every part of your body and training routines for everyone, whether you want to train twice per week or six times per week, we’ve got you covered!

home work out exercise gym

But you guys are smart, you know that there’s more to a body transformation than simply exercising!

You must factor in protein intake requirements, principles of progressing overload, how calories work, whether keto diets are the best, how to avoid being skinny fat, whether you need cardio and so much more!

With knowledge comes power and that’s what our Flow Method Body Transformation Manual does, it empowers you with the knowledge you need to engineer your very own superhero body transformation!

home work out exercise gym

This just leaves the final piece of the puzzle, your diet!

Thankfully our Hyperthermic Cookbook is here to save the day with delicious meals which are high in protein to maximize the thermic effect of food, making it even easier to burn fat, while being faster and easier than going down to your local takeaway!

home work out exercise gym anabolic cookbook

You won’t believe it until you try it! Enjoy belly bulging giant waffles, crispy chicken, stews, pastas, ice cream, desserts and so much more and still shed the pounds with recipes that even a child could follow (kids, please check with your parents before you take over the kitchen)!

Pair all three manuals together and you have the Flow Ultimate Home Workout Bundle, the triple threat to your growing waistline and everything you need to chisel your dream physique once and for all right from your bedroom!

home work out exercise gym

If you’re looking to get lean and sculpted in the most enjoyable and efficient way possible, then look no further, our science-based plans are for you!

Time for some crazy results!

Dr. Bobby Stryker

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