The Power Of Sleep

Whether your goal is to lose weight or not, getting a good quantity of quality sleep is important for everyone!

In recent years, it seems to have become more and more fashionable to be able to proclaim on social media that you get up at 5am or 4am to work out and start your day, that you only sleep 4 hours a day or you don’t sleep at all!

Let’s get real folks, this is not a good idea, AT ALL!

The human species is simply not designed for optimal nighttime performance, if we were, we’d have evolved over time to have night vision, heightened smell and hearing like other nocturnal animals!

What we do have are clear accounts of there being more accidents like car accidents and even super disasters like Chernobyl occurring due to human error, in the nighttime, when we generally function less optimally!

Now while I consider myself a night owl, I still ensure I get adequate sleep, even if I’m just going to bed when The Rock is waking up!

The list of health issues relating to poor sleep is growing almost every day:

· Weight gain & increased risk of obesity

· Increased risk of diabetes