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Supermarket Sweep

With a few smart food substitutions here and there, you might actually be able to shave off a few hundred calories from your diet and shed the pounds more easily than you ever thought possible!

Here are a few of our supermarket must-haves to keep your pantry packed with the right stuff to keep you on track to success!

What’s In Our Shopping Basket?

1. Walden Farms Syrups and Coffee Creamers

Walden Farms Maple Walnut Syrup

Walden Farms Mocha coffee creamer

Starting the day with Flow French Toast slathered with Walden Farms Maple Walnut Syrup and coffee with Walden Farms Mocha coffee creamer is how I start pretty much each and every day!

By making these substitutions, I’m saving anywhere up to 200 to 300 calories with just breakfast alone! Talk about starting the day on the right foot!

2. Skimmed Milk

Greenfields UHT Skimmed Milk

If you must go the way of milk, swap out traditional milk for skimmed milk. It still tastes good and the calorie savings more than make up for the slightly less thick and creamy texture.

3. Sweetener

Equal Gold Sachet 50S

Whether it be for your tea / coffee or cooking French Toast, some low-calorie sweetener is a great way to save on the extra calories.

We like the various types available from the brand Equal but you can use whichever brand you prefer and can find at your local supermarket.

4. Liquid Egg White

Egg White Flow Fysique Factory

Packed full of protein with hardly any calories, we use liquid egg whites for loads of our cookbook recipes, like our Full Throttle Waffle, Flow French Toast and even in our Crispy Chicken McBobby and Lord Of The Onion Rings recipes!

If your supermarket doesn’t carry any, do a search for any nearby farms that might be able to offer you a bigger bang for your buck!

In Singapore, we buy ours here:

5. PAM or Equivalent Low Calorie Cooking Oil Spray

Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil Spray 145 ml

Another easy way to save a few hundred calories is to simply swap out your usual cooking oil for a spray alternative.

Don’t get too trigger-happy - it’s still oil so if you press that button down too long, the calories will still add up!

6. Low Calorie Cheese Slices

KRAFT Cheese Singles

With only 41 calories and 5.4 grams of protein per slice, KRAFT Cheese Singles are a great way to make a low-calorie pizza and other savoury treats!

7. Shirataki Noodles

Xndo Zero™ Noodles 5s

These miracle noodles are packed full of fibre to keep you full and mind-bogglingly low in calories, often less than 10 calories for an entire pack!

Don’t let the initial smell put you off, they’re very versatile and can quickly be transformed into a mouthwatering dish like our Korean Army Stew inspired Special Forces Stew!

8. Zero Fat – High Protein Greek Yoghurt

Emmi zero fat Greek yoghurt

We always make sure we grab a few tubs of Emmi’s zero fat Greek yoghurt. While Greek yoghurt alone is nothing to write home about, simply mix it with some low-calorie syrup to transform it into a delicious, sweet cream like treat, ideal on our Flow French Toast.

Greek yoghurt is an essential ingredient in many of our recipes like our Full Throttle Waffle recipe and the beauty is that once it’s mixed with other ingredients, you feel like you’re eating something sinful when in fact it’s the exact opposite! Low calorie, high protein goodness!

9. Silken Tofu

Fortune Extra Smooth Silken Tofu (Red) 鸿运嫩滑豆腐 (红)

Did you know you can eat this stuff straight out of the packet? Might sound horrible but Silken Tofu is a great low-calorie substitute for bananas if you’re into making smoothies! Case-in-point - our Hulk Shake recipe!

10. Kimchi

Jongga Mat Kimchi, Cut Cabbage Kimchi 500g

A sweet, sour and spicy treat that’s low in calories and high in probiotics! Kimchi makes for a great accompaniment to a whole host of meals.

11. Heinz No Sugar Added Tomato Ketchup

Heinz No Sugar Added Tomato Ketchup

This stuff tastes almost identical to the full sugar stuff and is a great low-calorie accompaniment to your dinner and various snacks! Get your very own ketchup here!

12. Smucker’s Sugar Free Strawberry Preserve

Smucker’s Sugar Free Strawberry Preserve

While not zero calorie, this jam has just the right balance and tradeoff between calories and flavour, especially if you like jam and peanut butter sandwiches, talking of which:

13. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

While we all know healthy fats such as those from nuts and seeds can be good for you, the high calories can often tip the balance of a diet in a direction you might not want.

This PB2 stuff is legit good, tastes great and we use it to make peanut butter jam sandwich treats, Nutzilla, our Nutella equivalent and all kinds of other treats! Check it out!

14. Nestle Chocolate Flavour Ice Cream

Nestle Chocolate Flavour Ice Cream

While the calories aren’t as low as our Ice Shake Blitzkrieg, ice creams like this one are much lower in calorie than many others out there, while still tasting great!

This ice-cream tastes especially good when paired with our Full Throttle Waffle and Walden Farms Maple Walnut Syrup!

15. Orville Redenbacher’s Smart Pop

Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop Butter Microwave Popcorn

Who doesn’t love a nice snack to nibble on at the end of the day and at only 100 calories per mini bag, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as tasty and stomach filling as this popcorn!

16. Deliciou Vegan Bacon Seasoning

Deliciou Vegan Bacon Seasoning

A great low-calorie way to spruce up your low-calorie popcorn is with different seasonings like these!

17. Coke Zero

Coke Zero No Sugar

And last but not least, Coke Zero!

We saved the best ‘til last! Literally the best drink in the world and at zero calories, what more could you want!

Hyperthermic Cookbook

It’s this essence, the idea of great taste with super low calories, made possible by making smart ingredient substitutions, that we use in our Hyperthermic Cookbook to do with other foods, what Coca-Cola have achieved with Coke Zero!

Even if you find planning your calories and calculating stuff too hard, just by following our delicious recipes you’re sure to find your weight going in the direction you want!

Get your credit card out, it’s time to go shopping!

A lot of you might only need to cut a few hundred calories from your daily intake to enjoy steady, sustainable weight loss and with some of these suggestions, you might be able to chEAT your way to your designer body far sooner than you think!

Remember, if you can cut your daily calorie intake by just 300 calories per day, that’s the equivalent of burning 3600 calories over 12 days, the same as losing about 1lb of fat!

It’s quite possibly time to have your cake and eat it!

Enjoy folks!

Dr. Bobby Stryker

Team Flow

*This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on any of the links to purchase the featured products, we may earn an absolutely minuscule commission at no extra cost to you! So do us a favour, click on some of the links and buy something! You might even drop a few pounds in the process!

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