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Terrifying Treats 👻

Hello-Ween Friends!

The spooky season ushers in the festive season and the celebrations, for many, will continue through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s! That’s a lot of fun, food and drink!

The research also concurs that for many, they’ll be on track with their fitness all year round but the end of the year, when the celebrations are in full swing, is when the pounds can start to pile on again!

Of course, you should enjoy and have a great time but you’ll enjoy it even more if you’re able to stay on track towards your fitness goals!

So, to make this Halloween slightly less scary, here’s a quick fun treat you can prep in seconds and all you need is watermelon and candy eyeballs!

Cut the watermelon into 35g wedges.

Taking care not to stab yourself, use a straw, spoon or chopstick to create a scared mouth in the watermelon.

Gently insert eyeballs!

Looks Bootiful! Serve and enjoy!

Watermelon is at the top of our favourite fruits with just 30 calories per 100g (compare that to 250 calories for 100g of Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream or 150 calories in 25g / 2 Ferrero Rocher’s).

Each ghoulish, petrified watermelon wedge is only 11 calories! Not scary at all and who doesn’t love the refreshing taste of watermelon!

Grab yourselves some candy eyeballs and Halloweenify your favourite low-calorie treats this festive season!

Happy Halloween friends!

Team Flow!

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