Stop! You Don’t Want To Lose Weight!

Updated: Apr 2

LOSE FAT NOT WEIGHT Body Recomposition

I’ve aided many of my patients transform their bodies over the years and without fail, the conversation always starts along the lines of ‘Doc I want to lose weight’!

But do you really?

What is the weight you want to achieve? Where did that number come from? Did you just pick the number out of the air? Did you calculate your BMI and use medical charts and calculators?

No matter what your answer is, you’re still wrong! Why?

Because you want to lose fat, not weight!

Now this is a very important concept for anyone looking to improve their body composition and be healthier, especially if you’ve been deemed to be medically overweight and at risk of weight-related health issues (diabetes, heart disease, bone and joint problems as well as certain cancers).

If you lose weight quickly, crash diet and spend hours doing only cardio, you may indeed lose weight but research suggests that as much as 25% of the weight lost can be from losing lean tissue like muscle and not fat!