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Comfort Eating – NO! Comfort Exercise – YES!

I love burgers! Big Macs, Double Whoppers with Cheese, Angus burgers, McSpicy burgers! You name ‘em - I love ‘em and the bigger the better!

When I moved to Singapore in 2010, the discovery of McDelivery (McDonald’s 24-hour delivery service here) was a key component in my ballooning waistline over the coming years (that and my ultra-crap working environment back then).

When I left the UK for warmer climates in 2010, there was no McDonald’s delivery service in the UK so McDelivery in Singapore was both a dream and a nightmare come true!

When I met my better half (Juliana Stryker) and wife-to-be, she was a little taken aback by my love for burgers but I never really gave it much thought UNTIL we went on holiday to Australia with my parents!

As soon as we met my parents at our hotel, the hunt was on for food and my parents immediately said let’s go to McDonald's!

Within moments, we found ourselves at one of the fanciest McDonald’s outlets we’ve ever seen, just moments away from our hotel in the heart of Sydney and quickly proceeded to stuff our faces with all kinds of goodness!

McDonald's Sydney
My parents and my wife outside a McDonald's outlet
Comfort eating Big Mac