Comfort Eating – NO! Comfort Exercise – YES!

I love burgers! Big Macs, Double Whoppers with Cheese, Angus burgers, McSpicy burgers! You name ‘em - I love ‘em and the bigger the better!

When I moved to Singapore in 2010, the discovery of McDelivery (McDonald’s 24-hour delivery service here) was a key component in my ballooning waistline over the coming years (that and my ultra-crap working environment back then).

When I left the UK for warmer climates in 2010, there was no McDonald’s delivery service in the UK so McDelivery in Singapore was both a dream and a nightmare come true!

When I met my better half (Juliana Stryker) and wife-to-be, she was a little taken aback by my love for burgers but I never really gave it much thought UNTIL we went on holiday to Australia with my parents!